Developing your Boarding

1.Starting Your Career.

Before you commence in the Boarding Residence, you should have completed;

  • A Working with Children check for your state
  • Police Clearance
  • Your boarding organisation͛s induction program


Some employers will also require;

  • First Aid Certificate
  • Swimming qualification (Bronze Medallion)
  • Bus licence


Even if your employer does not require these qualifications before you start, having these qualifications and licences makes you more employable in the industry and an extremely versatile team member.

2.After you start

The ABSA ͚Duty of Care͛ workshopstake place over several days, and provide some RPL credit towards the Boarding Training Australia Certificate IV and Diploma, as well as the new diploma and associate degree being developed by ABSA.

The Certificate IV in Community Services Work (CHC40708) Student Residential Care (Boarding Training Australia), takes a minimum of five days ͚face to face training͛, with preliminary reading and assessments, and a significant time of experience working in the industry.

The Diploma in Youth Work (CHC50413) (developed by Boarding Training Australia), requires that you complete the Certificate IV first, as 10 of the Diploma units have Certificate IV pre-requisites. The Diploma is available to boarding staff who are working in the industry and have significant industry experience.

3.Portable qualifications

Portable qualifications are qualifications that can be used in a range of different employment situations. For example, the BTA Certificate IV in Community Services Work (CHC40708)- Student Residential Care has been contextualised for the boarding industry, but is also a relevant entry-level qualification for a career in a range of other fields including youth work, community services, social work, aged care etc. You may have to do some additional units and a work placement in those industries, but portable qualifications are very flexible and can be used in a range of different work contexts.

4.University Courses

The Certificate IV and Diploma level courses will enable you to enter an undergraduate course (Bachelor level) and you will be given credits that may allow you to commence in the second or third year. An undergraduate degree is your first university level course and is usually an associate degree or a bachelor degree.

Typically to enhance a career in the student boarding industry, you would look at Bachelor degrees in social work, social science and youth work. If you are aiming for a role in management, you may look at qualifications in the business studies and management areas.

When you are ready to commence a university course, the best approach is to decide firstly how you want to do the degree (what study mode). Do you want to attend classes or work on line, or work by distance? You then look for universities offering the course you want in the mode you want and make a list. Write to each one detailing your previous qualifications, and your experience. Ask what credits you will be given. Then choose the university that makes the best offer. If you need help with this process Boarding Training Australia will work with you to find the best offer.

5.Other Professional Development.

There are a lot of professional development opportunities available for Boarding staff to extend their skills and knowledge. To select the best opportunities for you, ask yourself;

  • Will this PD enhance my abilities in my boarding role?
  • Will this PD help further my career?
  • What reviews are there from boarding staff who have done this PD?


We recommend the following;

  • Youth Mental Health First Aid
  • Restorative Justice
  • Verbal Judo




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