Clearly Jake Bilardi was targeted and radicalized but the first step in this process was extreme alienation (1). A video has surfaced from his school days which shows Jake Bilardi being ‘happy slapped’ – a bullying tactic which sees a group of people slap their victim, film it and upload it on-line to humiliate him. (5) Jake clearly had problems at school with alienation and bullying, and at home where his parents divorced and later his mother died from cancer. His teachers and relatives hoped his problems would ease, but instead, they manifested themselves in a schoolboy who was a loner, frequently aggressive, and bullied at school for being different. (6) ǮThe teasing that the skinny, buck-toothed geek endured at school may also have made him crave group approval.ǯ (6)

His former classmates at Craigieburn Secondary College have described Jake Bilardiǯs time at school: DzAt school he was a Ǯlonerǯ. He only really had two or three friends from memory but they weren’t the type of friends that if he was in need of some help were good at helping,dz a former classmate told Daily Mail Australia. DzHe was obviously a kid that needed some help or guidancedz. (5)

We wonder if he received any understanding, support or guidance to handle his grief and prevent the bullying at school?




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