Preventing sexual abuse of students in boarding

Preventing sexual abuse in the student boarding industry.


Paper by Steve and Jenny Florisson (Boarding Training Australia)

Sexual abuse of students can happen while the student is in a boarding residence. The abuser could be;

  • a member of staff
  • another student
  • some other person that the student comes into contact with.

The sexual abuse of students while they are boarders has been very much in the news as the Royal Commission investigates institutional responses to child sexual abuse. Australians have been shocked by revelations of sexual abuse by teachers and boarding staff in highly respected boarding schools and residences, and even the staff who worked in these residences have been surprised and disturbed by the abuse. However, what has not been reported is that boarding schools and student residences across Australia have been methodically and effectively putting practices into place to reduce the risk of students being sexually abused, and they have been doing this for many years. It is on every boarding managers radar, and they are constantly aware of the risks and implement a range of strategies to ensure that the danger of their students being sexually abused is minimised. Governing bodies, principals and heads of boarding / managers will do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of students in their care while boarding. The following strategies have been utilised by heads of boarding and boarding managers.




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