Primary boarding

Ban on primary-aged boarding


It may be a small African country but this ban has the boarding industry again questioning primary-aged boarding. Last week the Rwandan government banned boarding primary schools, and directed all such schools to convert into day schools within three years, citing their reason as it causing an erosion of the social fabric.

“Boarding in primary school is not allowed forthwith; schools that already have a boarding section have a grace period of three years to phase out the section. We want to emphasise the principle of a child being raised by parents, boarding schools will only start at secondary school level. Parents should know that its their primary responsibility to raise their children, There are 34 boarding primary schools in Rwanda.

In Australia there are primary aged students in boarding from year three. Some of these boarding schools / residences are for primary aged students only and others have both primary and secondary students. Most states / territories in Australia now have year seven as part of the secondary school and many boarding residences are accepting year seven students.




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